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Pick Your Addiction

Purdue Pharmaceutical company developed and marketed a series of powerful opioids, using false claims, and deceptive and manipulative advertising to sell them to doctors and patients. Today, North Americans use over 80% of the opioids sold worldwide and the opioid crisis has exploded in the last few years.

I cannot believe there is more pain in North America than the rest of the world combined, but I believe it provides a statement to where we are as a culture and the spiritual reality it mirrors.

We were created for addiction.  We are designed to be addicted to our creator.  To long for His presence, to hunger after His voice and His Word.  To desire above all else to walk in His light and depend on His strength and grace.

If we are not exchanging our distress, pain, confusion, disillusion,  weariness, insecurity, you name the condition, with the peace, fullness, and grace of Jesus, we cannot help but turn to something else that not only numbs the pain, but steals the beautiful, intangible things received when dwelling in the throne room of God.

The alternatives the world markets come in countless forms and can be just as addictive, but like an opioid, do not lead to life and healing.

Westerners have an intense dislike for pain and its processes. The thing with opioids is they don’t fix the problem, they only mask the pain and the issue continues unchecked.

John 10:10 is so tantalizing, it is quoted often enough as to be so familiar it fails to truly reach us.

The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy, but I came that you may have life and have it more abundantly!” 

Culture has fed us line of BS when it comes to what life abundant looks like, telling us pain is to be avoided at all costs and consumables lead to happiness.

Jesus is not afraid of pain, nor is He unable to give us the grace we need to face difficult circumstances and come out better for the process.

Romans 8:28 says:

God works all things together for good for those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose. For those He foreknew,  He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son. 

Paul continues; we may go through tribulation, distress, persecution, disease – but none of them can separate us from the victorious love and abundant life in Jesus.

It is me turning to other coping mechanisms that separates myself from the Life God gives.

Surrendering to the Father’s gentle hand leads to life abundant – unadulterated by the numbing affects of dependance on something we were not made to depend on.

Purdue’s deceptive marketing netted only blood money;we truly have good news to share with a world in pain, and new life now and eternal treasure in sharing it!

Do you have coping habits that take you from the presence of Jesus?  Do you know some one in pain that you can love extravagantly like Jesus?


The Visit

My mind is churning like an over revved engine with all I want to talk to the King about today. I stride past the gate, and up the steps to the throne room, taking them two at a time in my haste.

The great door is open as usual, and I see the Father, sitting by the fire, a large smile spreading from ear to ear as He sees me. I would love to just sit in His presence and linger for a while like I used to, but my day is super full, and concerns weigh heavy on my mind.

The Father stands, and pours me a glass of wine. I don’t see the proffered glass, nor the offered easy chair as I dive into my soliloquy.

“Dear Father,” I begin, “I have some really pressing things I want to speak with you about. First is the relationship with my friend. I know you understand the situation better than I do, so I won’t go into it, but I really need your wisdom to know what to do to fix this!”

The Father slowly lowers the goblet to the table, and sits down again, His smile fading somewhat.  He nods and looks as if He might say something, but I have more on my mind than just my relationship with a friend.

“I also really need to know your will about this job offer I’ve received; it sounds really good, but I don’t want to jump into something I’m not ready for, you know?  The thing is, I need to reply by Friday, so if you could let me know by then…? That would be great!”

“I want to show you something”  The Father responds eagerly as He picks up a set of life blueprints adorned with my name from the table.

“I knew you’d be coming today, so I pulled these up.  I made them before you were born”  He motions toward the chair.

“Oh, that’s awesome”  I respond, “But I don’t have time to sit today.  Maybe tomorrow won’t be quite as hectic!  Lets definitely take a rain cheque!”  I pause for a moment, trying to remember the last item on my list:

“Oh yes! I really need a miracle for my uncle Craig, he’s been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and I know if you heal him he’ll know you’re real.  Please please, would you touch his body and heal him Lord?!”

“I think that’s all for now Father, and I gotta run – I have an important meeting I can’t be late for, but I’ll message you later! Thanks for listening!”

Glancing at my watch, I kiss the Father on the cheek and stride out the door, feeling like I’ve missed something.  But my mind quickly moves to the agenda of the day, and I close my Bible, and jump off the couch.

I don’t see the King behind me heave a deep sigh, fold up the blueprints, and return them to the shelf.  Maybe tomorrow will be the day.