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Freedom Lost in Canada

Have you heard the call to intercede from Trinity Western University for the court hearing in the next few days? This watershed case will determine if Christian schools will have the right to educate professionals, and it begins with a law program.  It reflects the spiritual temperature of the nation and the brink of which we teeter.

Freedom in Canada has been consistently chiseled away and it can be argued that it is already illegal to hold certain Christian values publicly, or speak freely on conviction.

As always, there is spiritual and mental blindness covering the culture distorting reality.  The enemy is the master of deception, and is still pretty good at it after all these centuries.

I too call you to pray, fast, intercede. Gather as a small group and engage in warfare in the spiritual realm as Paul speaks of in 2 Corinthians 10, saying the weapons we have are supernaturally powerful to destroy strongholds, and arguments and lofty things raised against the knowledge of Christ.

Those of us not directly involved have a stake in this battle and its not fought in human understanding. We have been given authority to disarm the spiritual forces that are behind both the veil of blindness, and the arguments and lofty ideas that have been raised up against the truth.

At the same time, we have been called to count the cost of being a disciple of the “Lamb who was slain”.

Because if the Son of God sets you free, you are free indeed, even when your freedom is stripped away.

Am we willing to radically obey the call of Jesus to lay down our life for the Kingdom, pick up our cross and follow Him, regardless of whether it is legal or not?

You see, so many are already shackled by fear so much that this ruling will not change anything in their lives or walk with Jesus. Fear is a much stronger oppressor than government or regulations or even persecution because it will silence us when nothing else can.

So I pray for freedom for our nation.  I pray for freedom for the people of God for courage to share the hope and love we have without fear, regardless of rulings! I pray God pours out His mercy in response to the prayers of Canadians to preserve protection freedom, legal and spiritual.

I pray fervently that we, the Bride of Christ realize the battle is largely fought on our knees in private and in love and reconciliation in public.  May we never use the gospel as a cudgel to beat people with, tearing down what Jesus died to raise up.

Are you free? Do you feel fear creep into your belly when you are faced with the thought of sharing what Jesus has done for you or loving radically outside your comfort zone?

May you live with the faith and courage of Paul who said “to live is Christ, to die is gain.”

Please be praying with me for true freedom in every way!