Welcome to the road!

Welcome friend!

I am glad you found your way here!  My name is Katie and I am a disciple of Jesus and lover of adventure who has been put to shore for a season.  That being said, I am still making as many waves as I can with what I’ve been given.

Let me elaborate.  I have always endeavoured to live my life to the fullest possible measure, but 5 years ago, I contracted Lyme Disease on my honeymoon.  For the last five years, I have struggled to thrive when life seemed mostly to consist of trying to survive, seeking ardently to find the glory in suffering and the beauty in pain.

In the midst of that journey, I have grown and learned more about the kindness and character of God as we wrestled with big questions like suffering, unanswered prayer, God given visions being relegated to the shelf and how to live an abundant life when you are fighting to live at all.

There are many kinds of healing, and Jesus is, thankfully, still the best in the healing business!  What I’m learning is that He is intent on healing everything, which means physical healing is not always the first thing He focuses on.

Taking a body, ravaged by disease, a mind, oppressed by despair, and a spirit, broken by deception and pain, Jesus has been very much at work in our story.  Looking back at these desert years of disease, we see streams pouring out over the burning sand.

Consider this an invitation to journey together.   We can learn much from each other and in the process, more about God, and His abundant, adventurous life!  I love a good conversation, and there is not much I won’t talk about!  So going forward, I would love to get to know you better and discover what makes your spirit come alive.  I’ll answer almost any question you might have for me too!

I aim to post stories, thoughts on scripture, and things God is teaching me that take 5 minutes or less to read, but hopefully keep you thinking throughout the day!  And this is where the conversation begins.  I’d love to hear back from you as we go along!  You are cared for more than you know, you are valuable beyond what you imagine, and I am honoured that you took time to stop by!

Food for the road. Feast for the soul.