Who’s your teacher?

Driving to pick up groceries, heading into an intersection with a very green light, I heard the still small voice I have come to know as the Holy Spirit whisper:
“Shoulder check left.”

I am learning obedience happens on hearing, not on considering, and looked over my shoulder, then in the mirror, noticing the lane was completely empty. I wondered why I had been so directed.
The voice came again:
“Look right.”

Noticing the still very green light coming up ahead, I looked right and was shocked to see a blue car careening around the corner, headed at top speed into my lane.

Knowing the left lane was empty, I veered into it, pressing the accelerator to leave the blue car behind me, my heart pounding, but very much in control.

As I continued to the store, I was sobered by what almost was.
Had I not known the left lane was empty, I can’t say for sure what I would have done, but most scenarios ended with the blue car slamming into the door that Raphael’s little car seat was inside.

Since, I have been pondering how Jesus speaks about the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer.  I am awed and amazed at the incredible gift He is to us children of God!

He is called the teacher: The one who brings revelation of things we need to succeed in our faith and life in general.

The counsellor: The one who works through our wounds and issues and heals them together with us and gives wisdom in relationships.

The one who leads us into truth: When we are misguided, or facing deception from the world or our enemy, the Holy Spirit is the voice that speaks The Truth.

The revealer: The Holy Spirit searches the heart of the Father and reveals it to us. If we know the heart of the Father in relation to people, situations, decisions and everything else, we have a roadmap of God’s will as we go.

The comforter: He is tangible peace and strength in the toughest situations as we listen and invite His presence into it.

All of this should mean something in my life. It should set me apart just as having a master trainer in a discipline should set you leagues ahead of those who don’t.

Deepening relationship and communication with the Holy Spirit should make people wonder at our strength through trials, our wisdom in life, our understanding of others and the world around us, and the freedom and victory with which we navigate confusing and difficult issues and circumstances.  And I confess, my relationship with Him is not where I want it to be.

I am so grateful for the Spirit’s intervention that day and want to hear Him more clearly; to slay the fear that hinders me from obeying in everything.  The thing is, there are a million voices calling to us for our attention, it is I who must focus on the One voice.